What Is the Importance of a YouTube Branding or YouTube Product Commercial?  


There is currently no platform even close to as effective for video ads as YouTube. There are two reasons why Youtube is so effective.

  1. Save Money! Unlike TV commercials where you pay regardless if the user gets up and goes to the fridge or mutes the station. Youtube only charges if the user watches your ad over 30 seconds.
  2. YouTube allows you to choose the exact demographic of people who will see your ad, right down to the age, interests, and town they live in.
  3. Because YouTube is so targeted you can test various demographics and see exactly how successful your commercial is performing in specific areas, ages, and genders. You can make adjustments and even re-edit your ad and do all of this without over exhausting your marketing budget.


 Why YouTube?


Nielsen reported that Americans streamed 15 billion videos in the most recently recorded month (May 2011). While traditional TV viewing was up only 0.2% over last year, internet video viewing was up 35% and mobile video viewing went up 20%. But how do you get seen when 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube...every minute? With all the competition for viewership, how do you make the most out of your YouTube marketing? 


#1: Have Good YouTube Content

It is not always about creating viral content. You should create content that addresses your audience's needs. Your videos should helpful, valuable, and compelling but more importantly directed at to your prospects and clients. If you can blog about it, you can create a video about it. If you include how-to’s, answers to your customers frequently asked questions, expert interviews, screen video captures, slideshows and more. Catalogue what questions or concerns your customers have and shoot YouTube videos addressing them. If they are asking in an email or a phone call, they are searching online.


#2: Your Video Should Be Easy To Find

YouTube is not the only place users should find your video. Google owns YouTube and often a related video will appear in the Google Search results. 10 views a day by targeted clients is worth more than 1,000 people that are being forced to see the ad.


#3: Branding Your YouTube Channel & Videos 

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on branding your YouTube video and videos. Although each video should be unique, it is helpful to your brand to have consistent elements in your video. YouTube should be as clearly branded as your website. It is about building comfort with users so when they find your website through Google or your channel through YouTube they have undoubtedly visited your company. 




Here Are Some Basic Tips:

  • Create a custom background and choose your colors to match your branding. 
  • Choose "player view" as your layout. 
  • Create playlists and feature your best content in the right column. 


#4: Annotations Must Be Included 

Include clickable calls to action. Annotations will appear for a specified length of time and can guide users to more videos, playlists or channels, or include a subscribe option.


#5: Use Bulletin To Notify friends & Subscribers 

At the top of your channel is the Post Bulletin tab. When you create a bulletin a link to a video will appear on your subscribers' and friends' home pages. This is a great way to draw extra attention—and traffic—to your video.


#6: YouTube Ads 

As stated at the top of this page there are many advantages to YouTube ads such as cost savings, targeted advertising, and engagement tracking. Your company can save money and increase exposure in a way that no other commercial advertising can.


#7: Leverage Other Social Media Platforms 

To maximize YouTube your company must use social media platforms including (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and blogs.


#8: Review YouTube Insights

YouTube includes the detailed analytics and with the help of Google AdWords provides targeted marketing and accurate information to make well informed marketing decisions.


We always love hearing from you. If you have thoughts to add to the information above please contact us.



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