Why Do Customers Fall in Love with You? | Ep 2. The Crownsmen Show

Why Do Customers Fall in Love with You? | Ep 2. The Crownsmen Show




Create The Love

Love...it is the one thing we all need, that each of us long for, and today we are talking about the hardest kind of love to find.

Love from your customers.



For all of you who just rolled your eyes...yes I can see you.

And you will never find true love with that attitude. So, open your mind and open your hearts 

because this show is about love but let’s go easy on the romantic music.




We are hearing from real customers on why they love certain companies but like any good love story, we need a beginning.


Once upon a time in British Columbia, Crownsmen Partners....ok we need to stop that. Once upon a time in British Columbia




Crownsmen Partners wanted to know who the best companies in BC were. And we wanted to know, why people loved them so much. So we ran a

social media campaign on Facebook asking people to name their favorite company and tell us why they are awesome.


This is where the story gets interesting because within days people from all over BC were telling us “publicly” which companies they had a

love affair with. People love these companies so much that they are willing to go on a public platform like Facebook and advertise their

favorite business for FREE...and in business that is true love.


The next thing we of course wanted to know was, is there a consistent reason why people are loyal to these companies?


Yvonne named, Blackberry Kitchen in Mission BC, because of “the 'SETTING’..situated on a very powerful/beautiful piece of land...overlooking

a part of the Fraser valley and river’’


Patricia named, Ladies Mantle in Parksville British Columbia! Because it has “all kinds of the latest trends in clothing it has gifts it has shoes and

boots has a little bit of everything!”


Both businesses have something unique including their location. They offer a product in a beautiful environment you can’t get anywhere else.

Customers love feeling like they are having a special experience when they come through your doors. In some industries, it is hard to stand out

and be unique. Just like finding love it can be hard...aw.  



That is why companies like ours exist. It is our job to look at your

business and highlight for customers why you are so much better to “fall in love with” than any of your competition.


The second big reason customers got the love bug was you guessed it, price. But surprisingly it wasn’t the cheapest companies

most people liked rather it was companies that offered what they saw as a fair price.


Mike named, Central Interior Moving in Kamloops BC. Why? Very simple  “Professional and very affordable.”


Franz  named, two restaurants Sushi California and CHAU Vegetarian restaurant because of “great value, service and food”



Both those comments lead us to the most common reason why people were in love, yes many companies they named were unique, of course price

is huge, but in almost every comment was one word that loyal customer used over and over again…service. In fact not one person mentioned price

without also including service.


Pat  named, Northern Reflections because “Their clothes are good quality, the service is superior, the selection is great”


Sharon named, Crofton Auto because... “You know the car is in the best of hands when you take it in there…. someone still pumps the gas for

you and will check under the hood!”

On a side note, there were so many great companies named in BC, that it’s a shame we can’t read more comments but go to Crownsmen Partners

facebook page to check out more and add your favorite company to the list.


Now back to love. “Love is patient, love is kind” and as fun and as sexy as a new customer or first romance can be...



you are looking for a customer relationship that will last







Marketing something different gets you noticed, price gets them to

buy the first couple times, but service creates loyalty.


Remember the old 80/20 rule...80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. So if you want to really grow your business keep

that 20% in love with you and build on your customers base from there. The more loyalty you have the larger your 20% base will be.


Loyal customers are the best marketing tool you have. Nothing we offer can compete. Why? Because when people are in love, they tell their

friends. They will even tell the public on Facebook.



Do you need to find a way to let people know you are different?

Do you need tell more people you offer the best price?

Do more customers need to know just how good your service is?


Talk to us. Ask your questions and tell us your needs in the comments below.

Or email me at info@crownsmenpartners.com 

or call 1-866-737-0470



Subscribe on YouTube Like our Facebook Page, and talk to us @CrownsmenP 






This is the Crownsmen Show, I am your host Gaudy Molina reminding you to Be Different, Be the Best, and BE A LEADER!









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