Viral Marketing Definition 


On the Internet, viral marketing is any marketing technique that induces websites or users to pass on, a marketing message to other sites or users, creating a potentially exponential growth in the message's visibility and effect.



Viral Marketing Agency 


Our goal for you, is to create a successful viral marketing program that appeals to your customers and even your customers friends so they will like, share, comment, and follow you on various social media platforms including Youtube Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.


How To Ceate Viral Content 


Video Stunts, awesome pictures, your products being pushed to the limits, your company going outside the box, touching charitable work…all can be used for viral content. We find a way to not only get you out there but impact your customers.

Crownsmen Partners takes whatever goods or services your company provide and makes it a discussion on social media.




What Is Viral Marketing?


Basically you are trying to create content that other people will like so much they will market your company for free. People get bored of ads and promotions but give them something new and real that just “happens” to have your name attached to it they will like it, share it, comment on it...and all for free.


Unlike a billboard or a newspaper ad which can only get shared with one person per copy. Viral marketing allows users to duplicate their copy and send it to a friend. In simple terms it is gossiping online. And the company with the juiciest gossip will get talked about the most.

It takes a lot a creativity and you will probably have to try several tactics to create something people will really latch on. We always recommend people put aside funds for viral content, it shouldn’t make up a huge part of your budget but it can be incredibly effective when executed properly.



Social Media 


Not to be confused with Viral marketing but social media branding also encourages comfort for people to engage in your viral content. Now often our branding content on social media will go viral. but the main goal is to create familiarity with your brand and it’s products. (Full Article)


Youtube Marketing


Marketing on YouTube reaches new fans, new customers, and gives your company the marketing edge! There is currently no platform even close to as effective for video ads as YouTube. (Full Article)




Search Engine Optimization or SEO is just a fancy way of saying get your company’s goods or services to show on the first page in search engines like Google. 94% of people don't go to the second page when they search the internet. (Full Article)


Email Marketing 


Stats play a huge roll in showing customers the benefits of email marketing. We generally see over 10% of receivers open email updates. Even though we all hate those “mass emails” that number cannot be ignored. Most companies have thousands of contacts and if you have 10% of 10,000 contacts opening your email and viewing your content it is almost impossible to not see sales generated. (Full Article)