3 Simple Tips for How To Market Your B2B Business

3 Simple Tips for How To Market Your B2B Business

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3 Simple Tips for How to Market Your B2B Business


How do you come up with a creative marketing concept for a company that sells this...

but also sell this...

and all of that?

The point is Savona Equipment sells all types of mining equipment….some new and some ancient! 

And if you're a company that sells B2B and markets to a specific industry the first thing you need to do is create a concept that relates not

only to your company but also to your target market.


Now mining is a broad term. There is underground mining, open pit mining, placer mining, and all the processing and refining methods.

Savona Equipment sells everything, they are like the ebay of mining equipment.


So the first thing we needed to know was, what does everyone in the mining industry recognize? We call this a trigger. A trigger is a word

or object that reminds customers about you every time they hear that word or see that object. So if I say coffee, you might think Starbucks, 

I show you fries you might think Mcdonalds. What is the trigger word or object for mining….pick axes? Mining tunnels? This giant rock truck?

The more we researched the more we found there was one object everyone in mining used at some point, from the CEO to this guy

they have all worn the mining hat.


We had our trigger. But a mining hat is so common that it is difficult to make it align with only one brand. It would be a little like using a 

generic beer can, to advertise your beer….people would see it is a beer can but you would just be advertising beer, not your brand. Meaning,

we needed someone or something to wear the mining hat, a character that could be an ambassador for all mining equipment and Savona Equipment at the same time.


As it happens Mr David Karstein, 


a salesmen at Savona Equipment mentioned to our CFO Rory Bamford

who mentioned to our CEO Jerrod Downey

that  we should do something with this little guy 

This is a Marmot, they dig, they climb, they whistle...just like any good miner might do...and more importantly there is an entire community

of them living in and on the inventory at Savona Equipment’s storage facility.


And just like that we had our equipment ambassador. The creative team went straight to work and came up with this cutie...

Marty the Miner Your Equipment Finder, the funny little marmot living on the equipment wearing a miner’s hat, who spends most of his time

finding more equipment. We tied together the trigger, the ambassador, and the large inventory of equipment into one.


If you’re wondering, does this toy really help sell mining equipment? Here are your stats, on social media Marty the Miner has over

20,000 likes on just one post, he has one of the most viewed pages on the Savona Equipment website, and at one trade show alone

Savona Equipment handed out 500 Plush Marty’s, the show got infested by marmots and equipment sales hit an all-time high just three 

months later.


So how do you come up with a creative marketing idea for your company?

  1. Think about what represents your industry, that is you trigger, in this case the mining hat.
  2. Find something unique to represent your company that can be associated with your product and target market. For Savona Equipment it was a family of marmots living on their inventory.
  3. Finally find a way to combine your trigger and ambassador to deliver the message in an interesting and engaging way. Savona Equipment brought together the famous mining hat and their marmot pals out in the yard to make Marty the Miner Your Equipment Finder, who not only finds “More Equipment” but also helps find more customers.


What is your trigger, who is your ambassador, and how can you tie it all together to create the perfect marketing campaign to BE A LEADER?






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