Mobile Web Design Capability 


Over  ½ of all website visits are now on a mobile device and ½ of Facebook's traffic is from Mobile users.

Mobile products by Apple, Google’s Android, and Windows traffic will continue to be used more for purchasing products, business, travel, news, etc. Google will now bring your website up lower in search results if you do not have a mobile website.

If you are asking should I do an app or a mobile website? The answer is at very least have a mobile website. The beauty of all our websites is they are al dynamic websites and are built mobile friendly for no extra charge.

Some other industry best practices we are recommending are:

  • Include most of your content to all devices
  • Clearly display important content for your mobile users, such as maps and contact us
  • Your content will be displayed differently on different devices (we will test your website on these devices as part of our services)
  • Keep you content simple for easier access
  • Most importantly insure usability so your content is easily found








App Development


Apps create a quick and easy access to your services and products for your customers. It is also a way to make choosing you easier for your customers by booking, calling, or getting information in only a click of their mobile device. more...


Website Development


We recommend a web design to make sure each page of your website can maximize sales potential. Every web page is another chance to display your product, engage your customers, and gather information about your customer. more…


Website Design 


When we build a website they are often part of a larger marketing initiative such as a branding program, awareness campaign or product launch. Websites have become key in successful marketing programs for organizations that need a cost-effective way to launch, manage and measure their marketing campaigns. more...


E-Commerce Websites


Online purchases increase every year and will continue to become more efficient and advanced. Crownsmen Partners will build an ecommerce website for your company that will lead your industry in usability and efficiency. more...