Marty the Miner Digs Deep

Marty the Miner Digs Deep

How does a mining equipment company get noticed at a mining convention with over 400 exhibitors? That is the question

Savona Equipment had for Crownsmen Partners when they asked us to join their booth at CIM. The answer surprised them

when we held up a funny little beaver/squirrel looking stuffy wearing a mining hat. 


In fact Marty the Miner is not a beaver or a squirrel, he is a Marmot. The highly social, loud whistling, and (tunnel making)

rock-pile living fellow lives amongst 12 acres of machinery at Savona Equipment’s storage facility. This quirky creature inspired

us to design “Marty the Miner Your Equipment Finder” who within one year has become as much a part of the Savona Equipment brand as the logo itself.


By the time CIM Vancouver 2016 was completed, over 500 Marty the Miners were distributed and one lead after another emerged from

the exchange of names, handshakes, and business cards. All centered around a little stuffed animal with a big smile, a yellow mining

hat, and the ability to break the ice just long enough to make a connection with complete strangers.


When we are positioning any company to expand their market share, grow online, or make a splash in the industry, our marketing team needs 

to think outside the box and create something new that aligns with the industry and sparks interest unlike anything seen before. That is the

key behind marketing any company ready to lead their industry. That is what we can and will do for you.


Be Different

Be the Best



Jerrod Downey | CEO








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