Featured Partners: Lucid Water Co: Marketing with Pure Intentions

Featured Partners: Lucid Water Co: Marketing with Pure Intentions


Every now and then you get to develop a marketing strategy for a company that is founded on genuine concern

for the health of their customer. It becomes the cornerstone of every product they sell and the service they

offer. Lucid Water captures that perfectly.


Lucid Water Co provides B.C. with both office and residential self filling water dispensers as an alternative to bottled

water that is delivered. They also provide residents with an out of sight-out of mind undercounter filtration system. 

Lucid Water will install the filtration system at your home or office at your convenience.


Each new client that joins Crownsmen Partners is provided with an extensive consultation so our team understands their

goals, what makes them unique, and what demographic their product appeals to. Lucid Water’s owner and president Jenny Hinch

had a clear answer; an exclusive triple stage filtration system, unbeatable service and maintenance every three months, and

customized installation to place the cooler at the most convenient location in a customer's office or home.


With clear answers to what makes Lucid Water a step ahead of the competition we have been able to craft and develop an

online marketing campaign that targets the consumer who wants only the purest water in their facility, wants a company

who will go above and beyond to ensure the water quality is maintained, and who needs specific setups to accommodate their environment.


Understanding your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) will always give you faster growth because you attract your most loyal

customer base much quicker with a clear message. For a gigantic company like Wal-Mart it is lower prices, for Lucid Water

it is guaranteed water purity, for Crownsmen Partners it is providing each client with a Marketing Manager so meeting targets

are guaranteed.


If you know your company is missing out on finding new clients, there may simply be a need to define how the product you

offer is unique compared to the competition. Once established, a creative campaign can be developed that will attract and

engage your customers.


Need Marketing? Contact Us and our team will be happy to sit down for a free consultation. (include contact info)


Need Water? Contact Lucid Water 


Written by Jerrod Downey

Crownsmen Partners CEO




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