Online Marketing & Advertising 


You know your company has good products, good service, and great people but how do you communicate that through social media. They say the best ad is the one that doesn’t look like an ad. Crownsmen Partners is an advertising agency dedicated to creating, planning, and handling social media advertising for its clients. Although we are ad agency independent from the client our name says it all...Crownsmen PARTNERS. When Crownsmen Partners take on a client we consider them our partner, not a client. As you advertising agency and marketing partner we will can also handle overall online marketing and branding strategies and sales promotions. Our clients include businesses and corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Our Agency specializes in Online Advertising and Mobile Marketing as part of your advertising campaign.


Advertising & Marketing on Social Media 


For branding your company and blanketing a huge demographic social media platforms like facebook win in every aspect. Your ad reaches more people, costs less than traditional advertising, and can be tested for affectives on a very small budget. Social media allows you to get results without wasting even a dollar of your marketing budget.



Our job is to make that connection between your company and online users. The ads we produce will not only march your company but match the interests of your targeted customers.






Social Media Marketing 


Social Media ads effectively display your company exactly how you want to been seen, and to who you want to see you.  You create familiarity of your brand and it’s products. Social media branding also encourages comfort for people to engage in your viral content.


Adverising Agencies of Today


Traditional channels like TV, print, radio and out-of-home once interrupted consumers with a message during content consumption. Social media has changed the game by forcing brands to engage with consumers — one-on-one — for the public to see, in an almost human voice. Consumers who now wield tremendous power in the form of a smart phone. Everyone is curious about how big data is going to play out, what’s in store for wearable technology and just what, exactly, the screen of the future will look like — and how consumers will interact with it.


The challenge of advertising agencies of today is to create trends more so than images. A “one off” ad is no longer sufficient. Today's social media ads need to be relatable to the point where a user will share content with their “personal” online community and add their own perspective with a comment. To create an ad that attracts like or even a thousand likes is more or less a failure.

In today's world the ad agencies job is to be incredibly human while staying true to the company it represents. The best advice to any company working with an ad agency to produce social media content is to give the agency freedom to connect with consumers on a very human level first and sell products last. This is the modern way of creating “friends” in the online world and it is only a matter of time before that friendship pays off in sales.






There are no limits with animation! You can create video commercials with professional actors in a video ad for your product, service or website or you can create animated ads...sometimes for lower costs. Animated ads can be exciting, engaging, and very unique. It allows a company to push the limit no matter the budget and to the consumer watching can still look like an artistic masterpiece. Animation can be funny, sad, thought provoking but most of all it can be Crownsmen Partner's favorite two words...DIFERENT & BOUNDARYLESS. More...


Special Effects


What can be accomplished with the use of Special Effects & CGI can give incredible life to your commercial at a very reasonable price. We want our clients commercials to outdo the competition and using the right special effect this can be accomplished without going over budget. More...




A commercial can make us laugh, cry, feel sadness, or pride. It can challenge what we know, inspire our imagination . Most importantly it must be remembered, you must be remembered. More...


Voice Over


Need a gripping and experienced voice actor for your radio or TV commercial? Crownsmen Partners has access to award winning voice-over actors who will make your commercial come to live with the power of the spoken word. More..