1. Identify your needs

   2. Deliver the solution

   3. Provide support

By using our marketing and growth strategies we will help

your company BE A LEADER in its industry.  Every step of the way you will have personal consultants,

marketing managers, and business developers at your service. You are much more than a client, you are a...

Crownsmen Partner.




Our Foundation


What are you the best at?

By integrating your company’s strengths with our own research, strategies, and technology

we see unparalleled growth and value for each company. Each partnership is based on trust, continuous collaboration, and results!






What is your budget? What are your goals?

Each company and organization has unique requirements. Some need increased revenue or have launched

new products. Others require rebranding, test-marketing, or are expanding their online presence.

We help define and refine those goals to deliver the strategy that not only reaches the target but exceeds!





The Team



Our executive and management team comes with a broad range of skills and experience to form the most competitive online marketing consultation company in Canada. We guarantee results every time because we have the right people for every client.



 Meet the Team























Crownsmen Partners has teamed up with the absolute best design and marketing firms around the world.

We have built relationships to ensure that the process is seamless and the results obtained are outstanding. 

Please contact us if you or your company want to join our award winning team of film directors, web designers, developers,  animators, marketing consultants, and content creators.


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Retail & B2B

We've been privileged to work with top SME companies across a wide range of industries. Will yours be next?