Can Fathers and Sons Do Business Together?

Can Fathers and Sons Do Business Together?

I walked through 10 acres of mining equipment thinking “how can I help sell more equipment if a company is already established”.

Being asked to grow a company in a niche market with a strong customer base is a little like being asked to teach Sidney Crosby

how to play hockey or show Michael Jordan how to shoot a basketball.


Adding to the pressure, it was the company my father had started and built piece by piece 30 years ago. Now in his late 60’s he was

ready to hand over a small portion of the responsibility to me and my marketing team. I finally decided that if we were going to grow

his business in a big way there was only one answer . . . find more customers online.


Our team got to work developing plans for a new website, drafted scripts for online videos, and crafted an entire social media campaign.

We were about to propose a complete shift in strategy to a company that had run full page print ads for nearly 30 years.


After long meetings, lots of questions, and more than a few revisions . . . Savona Equipment went from spending thousands

of dollars on traditional advertising to the unknown world of online marketing.


*Jerry Downey (Founder & CEO - Savona Equipment) hanging out with their mascot Marty the Miner


My father made a courageous business move. It is one thing to change directions if your company is struggling and has no choice.

It is another thing when you have proven time and time again that your current system works. It reminded me of something he

always said when I was growing up “You're either going forward or you're going backwards”.


The shift in strategy proved a success and Savona Equipment is expanding at rates they have never seen before. You certainly won’t

hear myself or anyone at Crownsmen Partners saying a father and son can’t do business together. Out of all the companies, we have

worked with since Savona Equipment is by far the most special to me.



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Jerrod Downey is the CEO of Crownsmen Partners.

His team has developed and manages marketing

campaigns in the mining and oil & gas industry.He currently

serves on the I.S.S.A. board and lives in Vancouver BC.

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