Executive Team


Jerrod Downey - CEO

As the CEO of Crownsmen Partners Jerrod brings over ten years of experience in business 

development and marketing strategy. His “aggressively calculated” approach has equipped

Crownsmen Partners and our clients  to consistently surpass growth targets.




Rory Bamford - CFO

Rory formerly served as CFO for Savona Equipment, playing a key role in the company’s hyper growth and

expansion of market share. He also serves as treasurer and director for the I.S.S.A. His skill in combining

hard facts, data, and numbers with unrelenting optimism defines the foundation of Crownsmen Partners.




Gaudy Molina - CMO

Gaudy’s ability to problem solve, think on her feet, and communicate while still smiling has 

become a staple within our company. Formerly working in the film industry, she has the 

skills to be flexible and creative while still hitting deadlines and targets. She also hosts 

our online marketing series “Lead Your Industry”.




Christopher Donaldson - Creative Director


Mr. Donaldson has worked in animation for shows such as Batman, Gen 13, and Earthworm Jim. 

Chris’ resume includes ads for Recon Jet, Ford, and Nike. He has written classic video games 

including Need For Speed and SSX On Tour. With his award-winning work Chris sets a 

new industry standard for ad production.




Augie Hashka - VP of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Hashka brings 25 years of experience in sales, management, and business development.

He works tirelessly to refine our clients online sales methods and to ensure they perform

beyond expectations. His straightforward approach and desire to help each client maximize

their ROI is a driving force in our organization.